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LaTia Holley

CEO & Founder

LaTia Holley is the founder and creator of Fruitful Ascension Wellness, a total wellness brand featuring handcrafted beverages, plant based cuisine, holistic health coaching services and wellness events. 


LaTia’s journey to creating Fruitful Ascension Wellness began with her own personal struggles with health. For the better part of a decade, she struggled with various abdominal issues ranging from mild discomfort to full blown acid reflux, nausea and eventually culminated in gall bladder surgery in 2015. She also struggled with crippling depression and anxiety. It was since then, that she made it her mission to heal herself and change her lifestyle. The combination of these health issues and being sick and tired of being sick and tired, she started her journey towards wellness. She credits adopting a healthy plant based lifestyle to the healing of all of these previous health issues she once struggled with and has even conquered her depression through meditation and an overall change in lifestyle. She made the connection between what she ate and how she felt and hasn’t looked back since. Through the years, she’s educated herself about living a plant based lifestyle and has fully adopted it and sees its benefits. When we talk “Plant Based” we mean encompassing nutrition, movement, beauty products and healthcare and she seeks to embody nature in all aspects of her life. As she continues on this journey, and learns more and continues to grow, she wishes to share what she’s learned with her community, so that they too, can receive the many benefits nature has to offer us. 


In November 2019 she enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York City and in November 2020 officially became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. LaTia’s approach to wellness is holistic and focuses on what you feed yourself both on and off the plate. In her coaching sessions, she tackles family, relationships, creativity, social life, physical activity and spirituality just to name a few. LaTia is creating a niche for herself as a Plant Based Lifestyle Transition Specialist and seeks to work with clients who want to live a plant based lifestyle or go vegan and don’t know where to start. Her coaching services will offer support and helpful tips to transition to a healthy plant based lifestyle and how to truly embrace and enjoy the process.


Collaboration is another major component in LaTia’s personal life and also for Fruitful Ascension Wellness. Events with other holistic practitioners is something at the foundation of her beliefs and will be a major part of her brand. In September 2020, she collaborated with Leah Maille, yoga teacher and fellow entrepreneur and Kelvin Young, community health worker and certified sound healer to create Ubuntu (I am, because We are) a day of wellness, food and community. Ubuntu’s focus was to expose their community to alternative healing modalities like sound healing, yoga and meditation. It also featured a full feast of plant based soul food and handcrafted beverages. Participants were also given a plant based starter guide and tips to make healthier choices. Other wellness events such as her 1st Friday Womxn’s Circle with Leah Maille, a space of self-care and community for women is another offering of her brand. 


LaTia hopes to impart the wisdom she continues to acquire along this journey in hopes to lead others to their best selves.

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