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The Brand

Fruitful Ascension Wellness

Made in Connecticut

Fruitful can be defined as ‘conducive to an abundant yield and producing good results; beneficial, profitable. Ascension is the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. It’s also the act of a star rising above the horizon. Fruitful Ascension Wellness embodies one’s personal journey towards wellness and being in constant pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves. 


Fruitful Ascension Wellness is in the very early stages of its creation and is a total wellness brand created by LaTia Holley. 


Created with her community in mind, LaTia and Fruitful Ascension Wellness seeks to enrich the lives of those in the community who want to get healthy and try nature’s way to wellness with plant based education, health coaching, pop-up wellness events, plant based cuisine and handcrafted beverages. 


LaTia is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York, New York. It was through IIN’s Health Coaching program where her true passion came alive. During her IIN Health Coaching Program she studied over 100 different dietary theories and various healing modalities outside of basic nutrition. LaTia is creating a wellness practice focusing on living a Plant Based Lifestyle. As a plant based lifestyle advocate, LaTia will provide coaching services for those looking to transition to a plant based/vegan lifestyle or simply seeking to incorporate more plants and natural alternatives into their daily lives. 

Collaboration is another major component for Fruitful Ascension Wellness. Events with other holistic practitioners is something at the foundation of LaTia’s personal beliefs and will be a major part of her brand. In September 2020, she collaborated with Leah Maille, yoga teacher, doula and fellow entrepreneur and Kelvin Young, community health worker and certified sound healer to create Ubuntu (I am, because We are) a day of wellness, food and community. This event is a mind, body and soul experience. Ubuntu’s focus was to expose their community to alternative healing modalities like sound healing, yoga and meditation. 

It also featured a full feast of plant based soul food and handcrafted beverages. Participants were also given a plant based starter guide and tips to make healthier choices. Other wellness events such as her 1st Friday Womxn’s Circle with Leah Maille, a space of self-care and community for women is another offering of her brand. 

Currently the most active part of Fruitful Ascension Wellness is its line of handcrafted beverages. Both its Solar-Creativi-tea and Wellness collections have something for every single tastebud. Solar-creativi-teas as a line of sweetened teas and lemonades using only 100% natural ingredients and are a healthier alternative to sodas and processed/mass produced juices. These beverage creations are sweetened with natural cane sugar and/or agave. The wellness collection features minimally or unsweetened teas featuring healthful superfood ingredients. Once you taste these amazing handcrafted beverages, your tastebuds will be upgraded. 


Contact LaTia via email or social media to purchase beverages and for special order and event inquiries. 


LaTia is also offering FREE introductory health history sessions to introduce her health coaching program for those who are serious about taking the next step in their journey towards wellness and are seeking a guide and accountability coach. Remember, true wellness is a journey and there is no finish line. Let nature work in its divine timing.


Word of Mouth

“Let me tell YOU....the Indigo Child is light and refreshing (reminds me of a popsicle) and the Oshun’s Exilir is a natural, delicious, ginger drink that is good cold yet better hot (in my opinion). I hope you get a chance to try them!!!! Thanks LaTia!! .”

“I got a half a gallon of this tea yesterday and my son loved it so much that by the time I got home from work yesterday it was almost gone! Tonight I went and got the gallon. This tea is so good.

- D. Privott - 

Shout out LaTia Holley

for this delicious health concoction... get your Melanin blend today & boost your immune system.

- J. Gaithern- 

- B. Holloman - 

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